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Long day of basketball! Iā€™m so proud of 4th grade team. We played some great ball today & won šŸ† the Championship!  Great start to our season. 4-0!! so proud of the hard defense to pull in these games! Amazing work 4th graders!

A successful year!
A great day at one day
I want to congratulate my two coaches, Derek and Jermaine, as well as my 4th and 5th grade team for winning a 6th grade bracket tournament in Waukegan! GREAT JOB! It was our 1st tournament of the season. We have kicked it off with 2-0 streak. Let's have a great year.

One team, One goal, One ball, many possibilities
Hard work and dedication!
Everyone is a baller
2nd grade win
So proud of my 2nd grade team! A fairly new team but played well. So close to winning a Championship but lost 2 points. Played hard, keep up the great work. Many more to play.

Amazing work!